Monday, November 17, 2008

I'm Planning to Play a Game at BGG.con

With no entrance fee. Or travel or hotel fees, for that matter.

My good friend Chris Brooks who is going to BGG.con has kindly agreed to set up his Macbook in such a way and at such a time that I can play a game with him while he's at the con. Wheee!

Probably play Agricola, or whatever he wants to play. And I may twitter the game as I play. Haven't found much else use for twitter until now.

Too bad I can't pick up a free game from the yellow prize table.



Aaron Fuegi said...

Sorry you won't be there.

If you want to make it multiplayer and we can think of a way to do it, I'd be happy to play too.

Yehuda said...

It will be multi-player. Might be Agricola, or something else. Just let me know in advance, so if I don't know it, I can read the rules.

I'm available Sat from 10:00 am until around 4:00 pm, or for as long as Chris (or anyone else) has a video setup.


Jeff said...

Let me know when you decide to play. If I can't join, I'd love to at least stop by and say hi!

Definitely wish you could be there this year.

Yehuda said...

I'll be available from Sat morning around 10:00 until around 4:00 pm. Chris and I are scheduled to play at 1:00 pm.