Sunday, November 16, 2008

Friday Night Tidbits

I found Braille text on the labels of my Golan Heights Hermon Red and Hermon White bottles. Pretty freaky. Here's a source I turned up. Guess that's where they get the expression "blind drunk".

Walked up to a random friend at synagogue and told her, "You know what you were saying last night at dinner? I completely disagree with you." Got a laugh, as we were not at dinner together. Took her a few seconds to realize that, though.

Walked up to another random friend at synagogue and told him, "I like you. I want you to remember that this week. If you're feeling depressed or upset for whatever reason, just remember that you've got enough going for you to have made at least one person think you're great."

Our synagogue held an "older members host the newer members for dinner, and we all meet together for dessert" event. Worked nicely. We're also planning another synagogue weekend away for the first weekend of December. We're pretty together (in some ways) for a synagogue.

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