Thursday, November 27, 2008

You Pick the Target, I'll Send Him or Her a Game for Free

Hi, guys. It's that time of year.

To thank you for reading, I'm giving away a game - any game of reasonable value - but not to you. I'm going to send it to someone you think needs it.

Pick a game at FunAgain Games or Then pick a target: a loved one, someone who really should learn about games, someone who need a hug. Post a comment with the name of the game, the target [1], and why they need the game. I'll pick one and send it to them, with your name as the sender [2].

Why? Because it's thanks to readers like you that I have affiliate money at FunAgain Games and Every time you buy something at either of these two store after clicking on the links I add to my posts [3], I get a little store credit. So I'm sharing the credit with you.

One day when I'm rich and famous, I'll forget about you, so take advantage of me now. Hurry! You have to comment by next Friday, December 5.

Oh, and I'll add the shipping if it's to the U.S., but I'll have to ask you to cover the shipping outside the U.S.

Update: I've received offers from readers, including one from a game company, to send additional gifts to some of the extreme cases in the comments that I don't.


[1] You don't have to give the name.
[2] Or anonymous, if you like.
[3] Like the ones in this post, hint hint.


Anonymous said...

Hi Yehuda,

Thanks for making this generous offer. Please send Van Overbay a copy of Jamiaca. He and Lee have had a pretty shocking six months, and they deserve a cheer-up more than anyone I can think of!

Happy Chanukah,

Alf said...

My proposed recipient:

Ian Hartzog, son of my friend Paul Hartzog (age 7). Paul is in a PhD program, has two kids, and can't easily afford such purchases right now.

1451 Wisteria Dr
Ann Arbor, MI 48104

My proposed game:

The Amazing Labyrinth (or now, it looks like, just "Labyrinth")

Thanks for adding this to your list of possible recipients, Yehuda!

Alf Seegert

Anonymous said...

Y'know, I think you should send a copy of It's Alive to the BGG.con library! BGG has done quite a bit for the boardgame hobby community -- including help out It's Alive! (:

Anonymous said...

You don't know me from Adam, but one of my friends (Royce) I've known the longest is one of the biggest lover of games I know of. (rbuzz on BGG)
He has lost his entire collection at least 2 or 3 times in his life, between miltary, moves, divorces, kids, etc. He even gave me his hand-made, custom version of (Expanded) Titan to take care of, so it wouldn't get lost.

I think his he and his family (kids just the right age) would really enjoy Sorry Sliders - a tabletop shuffleboard game that provides way more fun than it costs (and it was on good sales recently).

I could get his address, if for some reason you choose to use your hard-earned credit for someone that doesn't contribute to your blog.


Anonymous said...

Hi Yehuda;

Please send a copy of Acquire to ny nephew Bradley Cook, I hope he'll also play with his sister, my niece Chloe Cook. I've not seen either of them in too many years; they live in the US. Yet I want them both to know I think of them often. Their step-father is slowly dying and visiting them is currently beyond my means.

Moshe C. [whac3]

Anonymous said...

Hi Yehuda,

Please send Stone Age to Jake. He will be graduating in January from a very tough engineering program. He deserves a game break from all the studying!

Thank you,


Greg J. Schloesser said...

Hey, Yehuda! This is a VERY generous act on your part. I know His Spirit is guiding you, and I applaud you for this gesture.

I would like to nominate Benjamin Miesel. Ben is a student at Carson-Newman college, and is struggling with his home and financial situation. His parents are going through an ugly divorce, and the father has cut them off from all financial support. The mother is on disability, so her income is very meager.

Ben is an outstanding student, and has a partial scholarship. He was paying for the remainder of his tuition, as well as his room & board, through his income received at a local company. Sadly, with the current economic downturn, he was just laid-off and now has no source of income. He is an optimistic, faithful young man, and this gesture on your behalf would be a great "pick-me-up" for him.

Just about any game would do, but I really think he would love Dominion.

Again, whoever you may choose, you are doing a great thing here. Bravo!

Jooky said...

Hi Yehuda,

I would love for you to send a game to my nephew Camron. He is 18 and recently lost his father (my brother-in-law) in a motorcycle accident. My nephew has played Conquest of the Empire a few times in the past and has been wanting to get a copy of it for himself before he leaves for the army. That is the game that I would pick for him.

Anonymous said...

My best friend Jeremy and Rebecca, they have had a really bad year, DHS took away their 3 year old for some bogus stuff and they are having to fight really hard to get her back, they could use some cheering up, they really want a copy of stone age or starfarers of catan, they have dropped hints. Thanks for at least thinking about it, it would really brighten some gloomy days for them.

Anonymous said...

hi yehuda

Wonderful holiday idea!
I am trying to get my wife into games, i was thinking (starting with easy to hard) amazing labyrinth, wits and wagers, pandemic, something like these might start the wheels moving...

Anonymous said...

I was just looking at your list, I also have kids so it's alive may be good too, but I already have them playing games! It's the wife I need to work on. If you can think of another good gateway game, do it!


Anonymous said...

oh mystery of the abbey! She loves mystery stuff

Okay I am done now, I will leave you alone....

Anonymous said...

I know a young man (21) that as an only child lost his dad from cancer when he was 7 years old, and then his mom from cancer when he was 17. He struggles to connect with others in life since that time. Our family has in a sense become his family connection.

I think board gaming can help give him opportunity to connect with others around him. Well, it is a hope at least.

He has asked about the game Dust (as it is like Risk) which he knows.

If you need his name I will give it to you via PM on BGG.

Anonymous said...

Nice touch Yehuda.

I'd like to see a game of Twilight Struggle make it to my friend Steve Doinidis in Ne Mexico. Due to a mix up with paperwork for his green card (he is an ex-patriate Canadian living and working in the States) he may not be able to make it back home to spend Christmas with his friends (like me ) and his family. I have a copy of the game so we could play PBEM/VASSAL etc.

DocStryder from BGG

Unknown said...

Dear Yehuda,

Thank you for the kind offer. Please send a copy of Agricola to my wife, Vivian. She loves me a lot and so do I. Agricola is her favorite game but she could only play with her friend's copy. I think she would like to have own copy as christmas gift.

She deserves that.Thank you again.

tick from China

Aaron and Carissa said...

Wow, what an offer. Please send a copy of Reiner Knizia's Lord of the Rings to my good friend Danielle. She is a long time Settlers player, and I have started introducing her to more games. We played Shadows Over Camelot for Thanksgiving, and she loved it! This would be a great way to jump start her game collection.

Anonymous said...

Hi Yehuda,

Nice to see someone like you coming up with such a generous offer. I would like you to send a copy of Agricola to Beng Kian, a friend of mine.

He has been wanting to buy Agricola for a long time but could not save up enough as his job income is used to fund his younger sister's education. He works two job , one in the morning and the other in the evening as part time to supplement his family income.

He is new to the board game scene and interested in it after visiting a cafe whereby users are allowed to rent and play boardgames.

Hope you would consider sending the boardgame to him. Thx! =) And i would be more than willing to pay the shipping fee too.

Anonymous said...


My suggestion for your target is my girlfriend Sara.

I've miserably failed at trying to find her a copy of Andromeda, which she loves, in this side of the ocean.

Anonymous said...

Oops, pressed 'enter' before I was finished with the comment.

I think she loves that "cosmic ashtray" thing and just won't get over Andromeda because of it.

Anyway, I like your initiative and you'll make a happy person of whoever gets the gift :)

If my girlfriend ends up being selected my bgg name is ghosthack.

Anonymous said...

I propose sending the game to my wife Meryl at:
Tchernikhovsky 5/2
Jerusalem, Israel 92581

And the game would be: Cranium.

We keep hearing it's awesome, and we generally host big Friday night meals that often end in Apples to Apples. It would be nice to mix things up a little bit...

Anonymous said...

I would like to nominate my good friend Jake to receive Heroscape Marvel Game Set. Jake has had a rough year, losing three jobs due to cutbacks. He and his wife have two children, and Jake and his son are huge comic book fans. I know they would really enjoy this game.

I won't post his personal info, but you can message me through BGG if you choose this post.

CDRodeffer said...

I'd like you to send a decent contemporary abstract (perhaps *Star, Cannon, Skybridge or Tako Judo) to Dave Lame. He did well enough in my most recent annual tounament of abstract games to deserve a pick from the prize table, but I did not have enough to go around.

Anonymous said...

How about this guy?

Something for him and his 4 year old daughter to play?

Anonymous said...

This is one of the best things I know of. Almost 2 years ago, the bgg helped me and my wife out by showing TONS of support. A boardgame from an unknown source really does make you feel good inside when the whole world is caving in. I have a friend who really wants Race for the Galaxy and has no income to buy games, but after reading all of these, I figured I'd just get it for him.

BigKat said...

There are 3 kids at our church that have had a very difficult year. Earlier this year, their mom died of cancer. Then their dad stopped taking care of them. An amazingly generous family at our church has taken the 3 of them in as foster kids (there was no one else in the county who would've taken all 3. They would've been split up). I thought it might be nice if they got something they could play together. They are fairly far apart in age (4,5,12) so I was thinking that Pitchcar Mini would be something that all of them could enjoy with their foster family (there's 7 of them in the house altogether now).

bigkat on bgg

diceychic said...

Please send a game to my niece and nephews. They are just starting to get into gaming. We are giving them money towards their college education, so no "fun" gifts from us this year - this would make a nice surprise. I think Stone Age would be a good game for them. Thanks so much!

Yehuda Berlinger said...

Anyone who posted anonymously has to give me some idea as to how to contact them (no need to reply if you added your BGG name or email).