Thursday, November 27, 2008

You Pick the Target, I'll Send Him or Her a Game for Free

Hi, guys. It's that time of year.

To thank you for reading, I'm giving away a game - any game of reasonable value - but not to you. I'm going to send it to someone you think needs it.

Pick a game at FunAgain Games or Then pick a target: a loved one, someone who really should learn about games, someone who need a hug. Post a comment with the name of the game, the target [1], and why they need the game. I'll pick one and send it to them, with your name as the sender [2].

Why? Because it's thanks to readers like you that I have affiliate money at FunAgain Games and Every time you buy something at either of these two store after clicking on the links I add to my posts [3], I get a little store credit. So I'm sharing the credit with you.

One day when I'm rich and famous, I'll forget about you, so take advantage of me now. Hurry! You have to comment by next Friday, December 5.

Oh, and I'll add the shipping if it's to the U.S., but I'll have to ask you to cover the shipping outside the U.S.

Update: I've received offers from readers, including one from a game company, to send additional gifts to some of the extreme cases in the comments that I don't.


[1] You don't have to give the name.
[2] Or anonymous, if you like.
[3] Like the ones in this post, hint hint.
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