Monday, November 10, 2008

3 Player Puerto Rico Game

Sat night I played three player Puerto Rico with Rachel and Nadine. I won 67 to Nadine's 57 to Rachel's 48.

We played on Nadine's board. She has only the regular and expansion buildings, unlike me who has dozens of extra buildings I designed. So we used Library in place of University, Small Wharf - which we played as Discretionary Hold - in place of Large Warehouse, Trading Post in place of Office, and Aqueduct in place of Small Market. We also played with the special Hospice rule.

Unfortunately for us, we didn't exactly clarify the rules before we stared playing. Thus Rachel took Aqueduct and began playing as if it were Assembly Line, which is what we sometimes do. In the meantime, I took Aqueduct and played with it as if it were Aqueduct.

Only around halfway through the game did I notice that Rachel had extra colonists on her Small Indigo and Small Sugar, at which point I realized that we were both playing the same physical building as different buildings. That was fun.

My success was due to a coffee monopoly, fairly early Factory, and choosing Harbor after Nadine beat me to Guild Hall, which I consider overpowered. Rachel suffered due to having only indigo and sugar going. She took a Hacienda, but drew nothing but indigos and sugars from it. On the last round of the game, the corns began appearing.

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