Saturday, November 22, 2008

Daughters and Their Friends

The eldest came home from the army dog sick. The army wouldn't give her anti-biotics, so we're ensuring that she gets some tonight, before she goes back to the army tomorrow.

She still arranged to have a group of her friends over for the third meal; a lovelier and stronger group of young women you have never met in your life.

The youngest had two friends over for shabbat. She has written 18 complete songs, including lyrics and music, and one of the two friends is a guitar player who is learning to play them. I hear they may even get some studio time at some point. They sang us one of the songs before shabbat started, and it's pretty good. I've been encouraging her to continue her voice lessons and put stuff up on Youtube. She will eventually. Right now, she sometimes busks on the midrachov.

She taught her friends how to play It's Alive. When I first saw them playing, I thought that the friends were going to turn out to be non-gamers, but in the end they liked it enough to play four games.

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