Monday, November 23, 2009

Airline Lost my Ticket

I just spent a half an hour arguing and pleading with American Airlines to give me a discount after they lost my ticket Dallas to Toronto. They said it was my agent's fault for changing something; they could see my name there, but there was no longer an associated ticket. I had to spend $1200 for a new one way Dallas to Toronto, which is as much as my entire ticket from Israel to and around the US and back.

The AA reps at the gate refused to help me, except to blame my agency (closed in Israel, as it is after hours, and I couldn't find an emergency contact number). They said that if they did something to help me that was against the rules, they could get fired.

One of them went on break while she was supposed to be helping me, and the other one looked at me like I was nuts when I asked if she could call the first one back from her break.

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Unknown said...

I once had a flight ticket back from the UK through Amsterdam. Turns out, our connection was "unofficial" which means we had to grab our bags and run for the check-in. They had those digital check-ins, I passed my girlfriend's passport, and it gave her the ticket, I passed my passport and it told me check-in was closed. Not only that, they also refused to put her luggage on board the plane, because we were late.

We spent another day in Amsterdam and 1100 Euro on a flight ticket back. All because the idiot at Issta decided it was ok to book us for this "unofficial" connection.