Friday, November 27, 2009

In Toronto

Toronto is old hat to me, I guess. Other than a brief trip for Chinese at Golden Chopsticks (ok, but nothing amazing), Cafe Bistro with Rachel (very nice dairy), and to pick up some games, I've been inside, working.

Rachel is scholar-in-residence one more time, this time at Beth Tzedec, a big Conservative synagogue. She also did two gigs on Wednesday and was interviewed for the TV show Israel Today this morning. I'm "her husband" again.

Haven't played anything.

Maybe the only thing amusing that I saw was on a bus: the bus driver was driving, and behind him was a Plexiglas barrier, and, behind the barrier, a bus supervisor was standing. On the barrier was a sign that read: "We stand behind our bus drivers."

Ha ha. Ok, not much happens in Canada, you know.


BMO life insurance said...

Oh, okay, I guess you are not enjoying Toronto very much. Well, I'm really, really sorry. Hope you will have some fun in the near future anyway. There is fun in Canada too.


Yehuda Berlinger said...

I'm not not enjoying it, I'm just not seeing much of it this visit.