Thursday, November 12, 2009

Session Report, in which Abraham uses a crooked die in Stone Age

The latest Jerusalem Strategy Gaming Club session report is up. Games played: Stone Age, Power Grid.

BGG.con prep:

I'm flying in on Wed morning and out on Monday morning.

It looks like I'll have a convention-wide game for 900 simultaneous players ready for BGG.con again this year. It's similar to the one I ran two years ago, but somewhat less complicated. And hopefully the rules will be printed on the cards this time.

I only sold/bought one item in the math trade, leaving me another 5 items to get rid of or lug back to Israel. Make me an offer.

One nice thing about the math trade is that I guessed the trade percentage correctly and won some kosher food, which means I will be set for food at the con without having to bring a lot of my own or traipse into Dallas to buy some.

I have a second bed available for Thursday evening, only, at the Days Inn across the street, if anyone wants to share.

And one more thing: As usual, I'd like to pick up spare Magic cards for my game group: commons or uncommons or unpopular rares or whatever. Anything from the last five years. People are often willing to give me a couple hundred cards for free, but I'll pay up to $0.02 each.


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Avraham Grief said...

Little did I know that my very first dice roll would be the highlight of the evening. :)