Monday, November 16, 2009

Slices of Heaven

I'm usually the one who leaves his cell phone (or overcoat) in the airplane lounge. It wasn't me this time. I gave the phone to the agent at the gate, and it turned out to be the guy sitting in front of us.


Sunday morning I walked down Broadway, ending up at Kosher Delight. It may be fast food, but nothing beats a real New York hot dog, followed by a dish of Chinese beef and snow peas with fried rice.

While I played hooky, Rachel gave a successful talk at Lincoln Square Synagogue, and then we met at Port Authority to travel back to Cincinnati. The plane was a little delayed, and the gate was changed at the last minute; we were taken out to the tarmac, driven over to the new gate, directed back into the airport, asked again for our boarding pass, and then sent back out to the tarmac and onto the plane. Everything else went well; I didn't even get picked for the random extra security check.

More and more games are ponying up the minimum $75,000 fee to appear in Skymall's catalog, including some that I can't imagine will recoup their investment.

We arrived a little late in Cincinnati but made our way over to a night of entertainment so wonderful that I still haven't caught my breath.

Cindy sings and plays guitar and fiddle perfectly, just like she does on her albums. Grey is also wonderful: beautiful flute and tin whistle, fiddle, concertina, and harmonium, as well as harmonizing with Cindy's singing. I could happily listen to his music for a lifetime, but despite his great talent, I hope he won't be offended when write that it's Cindy who I find to be most incomparable: her melodies and her voice enter your body and soul like a hot cup of tea on a stormy New England night.

They work very well together, and should not be missed.

Grey, Cindy, and me

Rachel and Cindy

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