Sunday, November 22, 2009

BGG.con Sunday

At the Geekbuzz station. BGG.con is now wrapping up and I'll try to help clean up, get a ride to Dallas, hit 1/2 Priced Books, and a bridge club this evening with David. Then to Toronto tomorrow.

Played Time's Up (a expansion about titles) - it's a party game, hard, but fun. Played a game whose name I can't remember with Chris and Jim: nice, I'd play more times, but not deep enough for the group. More on it later.

Played an abstract game of demolishing and building towers with Mischa. Very abstract, very solid, decent filler. Again, more later.

Played Infinite City: it was a so-so tile laying game, fans of chaos will like it. I didn't like the constant back and forth, making planning near impossible (though I toasted the guy demoing the game to me 26 to 16). I thought it would make a nice CCG, like Chizo Rising.

Listened to the demo guy explain the rules to Homesteaders, and combined with that and that Alex Rockwell designed it and he likes what I like, I bought it.

Also traded my copy of Carpe Astra for Sumeria. That's everything.

Oh yes. I also got to hand out the three prizes for the trading game I created. A number of people thanked me, many complained that finding information was too difficult. More on that later, too.

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