Sunday, November 22, 2009

BGG.con Saturday

Rachel was scholar-in-residence, and I was "her husband", for shabbat. We stayed with and ate at lovely people's houses, but I felt a little out of place; most of the conversations were about sports, business, Republican politics, drinking (which I don't, much). But they were great people, served fantastic food, and had large, beautiful houses.

Saturday night I made it back in time to catch some of the Golden Geek awards (Pandemic and Dominion each won something), skipped the grand prize giveaways (having given Mischa my ticket), and started making myself visible to collect entries to the wizards trading game.

I also played a game of Time's Up - it's a party game, but it's pretty challenging. And Tichu - at which I played epically; I'll write more when I'm not at a public computer.

More games I forgot to mention that I played on previous days: Mah-Jong for the first time - man is that a wacky game. If you know the strange conventions of Cribbage, it's times 100 more than that. Special ways to place tiles, move tiles, pick tiles, and hundreds of unrelated hand types you're looking to meld. You have to devote some time to understand the game.

I also taught, played, and then sold a copy of It's Alive. Speaking of selling, Mischa also sold off two more copies and my El Grande expansions for me at the flea market this morning while i was away. Mischa has been my angel at this con, like he was the last time I came to the con, too.

And I played Crokinole, of course.

Rachel dropped by briefly and headed to the Day's Inn where were staying. I'll stay a little while longer to collect more game entries and then join her.

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