Monday, November 23, 2009

BGG.con: One Night in Dallas

My taxi ride from the Westin to Dallas proper ... or, I should say, one of my taxi rides.

I forgot to mention the several times that I played Tichu, one of which was pretty epic. We decided to play to 500, after our opponents got 300 on the first hand. In the next hand, my partner (playing for the second day of his life) called Tichu, and was having a difficult time making it. My hand was filled with high cards and various low pairs. Every time I led, LHO overtook my card and partner couldn't overtake that. I overtook LHO and had to lead again. I broke up every single pair in my hand and was working on all the low singles before partner finally got in and was able to play out his Tichu.

And my last hand I made Grand Tichu. I recall it was also some tricky playing, but I no longer remember what. We won by 20 points, 560 to 540.

I stayed to help organize, pack up and clean up (everyone else got a Geekgold award card for helping, but when they got to me, all they had left was a rock.)

The trip to Dallas by taxi was as expected. We didn't take George Bush highway, which is a good thing because although the highway says that it goes to Dallas, it actually ends about a third of the way there at a sign that says "Mission Accomplished". And then goes over a cliff.

I got to spend about ten minutes in a smaller Half Priced books (picked up my third trilogy from Julie Czerneda), and finally got to blog.
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