Sunday, November 01, 2009

Final Prep

Last night I tried to check-in online only to discover that El Al didn't recognize my ticket number. It took until 10 am today before I cleared that up: between the time that I bought the ticket and today, the flight number had changed and the time had moved from 10 am Monday to 12:05 am Monday, and they were supposed to issue me a new ticket. Somewhere between El Al and my travel agent, the new ticket didn't get to me.

Luckily, I still had my flight reservation, and all I needed was the new number. No window seats available, though :-(.

Today I signed a 12 day rental lease with people who will be coming and leaving the apartment while I'm away (hopefully, the Pardes student also staying in my flat while I'm away will be able to help deal with them). Deposited their check, wrote a check for American dollars. Called Maccabi to get health insurance, since it didn't seem likely that Rachel would be able to get me covered under her insurance. Gave up on using my cell phone.

Packed, including all the games I may need to trade in the BGG.con math trade. If I don't trade them, maybe I can sell them; only it will probably cost me more in luggage allowance than I will make in the sale. Also submitted my requests for the math trade.

I was supposed to be lending my car to someone whose wife is in the hospital and really needed it to visit her, but I haven't heard from him, yet.

It's now 2 pm and, aside from a shower and preparing emergency food, I think I'm actually ready. The airport service told me to be ready by 7:45 pm. Maybe I'll even get some work done today.


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