Sunday, January 01, 2006

2005 JSGC Nickels and Dimes

It was a good year at the Jerusalem Strategy Gaming Club. We rarely had less than five people, and we managed to play straight through summer vacation, only to skip a few weeks during BGG.con.

Speaking of BGG.con, the first post of my trip to BGG.con was nominated for a Jewish and Israeli Blogging award. Of course, I nominated it :-) . But it still had to make some sort of cut, so, yippee. My friend David also submitted this post for nomination for the Board Game Internet Awards.

Anyway, the following list, as usual, represents only games played at the club. I may add notes about my personal plays. Note: If a game has few plays, it doesn't mean that we didn't like it. It may mean that we haven't had the game long, or that only some of us like it or that it is hard to find time to play.

I mark with a "+" games that we will surely play again, "+/-" for games that will be played if the mood strikes, and with a "-" games that we surely won't play again. If, "-", I explain why. "Not right for us" means that we think the game is good but not our style. "Flawed game" means we think the game is bad, but that shouldn't stop you from liking it.

10s (all +'s)
Puerto Rico x 26
San Juan x 25
Geschenkt x 22
The Menorah Game x 19
Settlers of Catan x 13
Dvonn x 12
Pente x 12
Amun Re x 11

Taj Mahal x 9 (+)
Boggle x 7 (+/-)
Bridge x 7 (+)
Princes of Florence x 7 (+)
Tikal x 7 (+)
Yinsh x 7 (+)
El Grande x 6 [once with K&I] (+)
For Sale x 6 (+/-)
Go x 6 (+/-)
Louis XIV x 6 (+)
Traumfabrik x 6 (- sold)
Web of Power x 5 (- returned to owner)

Just missed
Advanced Squad Leader x 4 (- players no longer attend)
Cities and Knights of Catan x 4 (+)
St Petersburg x 4 (- flawed game)
Starfarers of Catan x 4 (- returned to owner)
Tigris and Euphrates x 4 (+)

Attika x 3 (- flawed game)
By Hook or By Crook x 3 (- not right for us)
Cribbage x 3 (+/-)
Havoc: The Hundred Years War x 3 (+)
Lord of the Rings: the Confrontation x 3 (+)
Magic: the Gathering x 3 (+)
Traders of Genoa x 3 (- returned to owner)

Alhambra x 2 (+/- needs expansion)
China Moon x 2 (+/-)
Cosmic Encounter x 2 (+)
Domaine x 2 (+/- need to try again)
Gin Rummy x 2 (+/-)
La Strada x 2 (- needs expansion)
Modern Art x 2 (+)
Primordial Soup x 2 (+)
Torres x 2 (+)

Abalone (- flawed game)
Billabong (+ need to try again)
Can't Stop (- not right for us)
Checkers (+/-)
Chess (+/-)
Crossword Squares (+/-)
Evo (- not right for us)
Flinke Pinke (- flawed game)
Gobblet (- not right for us)
Grave Robbers from Outer Space (- not right for us)
Hansa (- flawed game)
Oasis (+/- bad first experience)
Oceania (- traded, ok game but too slight for us)
Othello (+/-)
Quiddlers (- flawed game)
Ra (Lo Ra) (+)
Railroads of Catan (+/- needs retry with shorter variation)

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