Saturday, January 28, 2006

Weekend Gaming

As I may have mentioned, it is rare to get my older kids, Ariella and Eitan to play anything. We had a rare weekend with just the two of them, and in the comfortable glow after dinner I got Eitan to say he is willing to play a quick game of Rook and Ariella to say she is willing to play a quick game of Set. Neither would play the other game, however.

I couldn't find Rook, initially, but I took out Set and Ariella and I played. Eitan "didn't play", didn't look over our shoulders and didn't call "set" four times, adding them to Ariella's piles. Of course. You can't not play Set when you are near a Set game.

In the end, A+E had 12 and I had 12.

Later Rachel and I played a PR game. Some of the buildings weren't being bought in previous games, so I added a few new ones into the mix:

Strip Mine: Once per turn you may turn over an empty plantation and take a gold piece. You may also discard Strip Mine and the colonist on it for a gold piece.

A little on the more powerful side, but still not as powerful as Small Market. I played it. Yes, it combines with Hacienda, but that's 2 buildings, and still no better than Hacienda + Constr Hut.

Irrigation: Produce one extra barrel of any type that you are producing (like Craftsman privilege, but at the same time as you take other goods).

Excellent, balanced building. Rachel took it.

Lighthouse: as rules.

I had moved it to 8, but decided to try it back at 7 again. The extra gold for taking captain is too much. Overpowered as is. Maybe lose the bonus gold for captain. Rachel took it.

The other buildings were my usual mix. It was a better game. PR is always a better game when there is potential for all the buildings to be bought, rather than just the usual ones that everyone buys.

I thought I was winning fairly well, even until the last moment, but Rachel somehow beat me by four points. R had Indigo/Tobacco, Small Warehouse, Lighthouse, and Small Fashion District, plus Cathedral and Fairgrounds. I had Corn/Sugar/Coffee with Large General Workhouse, Discretionary Hold + City Hall and Fortress. I even had a coffee boat locked midgame. Still can't figure it.



gamesgrandpa said...

The Rook game you referred to -- is that the old card game? My uncles and aunts and some cousins played that game a lot. In fact, one aunt and uncle (farmers) almost weekly got together with some neighbors (an original gaming group) for "Rook Night." They also played Pitch, which became my favorite card game.

Yehuda Berlinger said...

Yes, that's it.

During a short period of time that we all played games together, Rook was one of them.