Sunday, January 22, 2006

As Long As We're Linking 5

For more information, see As Long As We're Linking 4.

New sites that have come to my attention with board game content:

a random gnome's random lair: "Gnome" Konstantinos, Athens, Greece. No further bio information. Blog is about computer and board games, tech, and so on.

Boardgame Babylon: E.R. Burgess, San Gabriel Valley, CA. A board games podcast. - version 4.7: Allen Vailliencourt, Greer, SC. Board games and so on. Just restarting, and trying to find its feet.

Game Designer Wannabe: Michael Keller, Matawan, NJ. Reports on sessions and game design. Matthew Marquand, Columbus, OH. More and more about board games, including pictures from session reports.

Mike Doyle's Art Play: Bergen County, NJ. Mike is the Artist Laureate of board gaming, with breathtaking redesigns of many great games. Now he has added comprehensive game reviews.

Overboard Games and Puzzles: Olga and Hans, owners of a board game store in Manzanita, OR. Other board game stores write blogs about their new games ("This just in!"); Overboard's blog has some actual game content, including links and some short reports.

Pulp Gamer: A board game podcast from Fantasy Frontiers, Nashville, TN. Three geeks doing reviews and interviews.

Reflections of an Apostle: Scott Firestone, Evan, CO. Yet another Christian spirituality/board games. Was going fine for four months, but now hasn't updated for a month. I hope it continues.



gnome said...

Thanks a lot for linking my friend.. Greatly appreciated..... And keep up the good work... (When I figure html I'll link back to you)... Thanks again

Firestone said...

Hi Yehuda.

Thanks for linking. I'm still was just a little slow over the holy-days.