Saturday, January 07, 2006

As Long As We're Linking 4

My my, they just keep on coming ...

This article follows As Long As We're Linking 3, As Long As We're Linking 2, and As Long As We're Linking 1.

These are links to board game bloggers who actually have something to say, or are very new and look like they might have something to say sometime soon. They also say it frequently enough for me to want to check on them. If you use bloglines, you don't really have to worry about checking on them, but I like to give props to people who really keep their blogs active.

Here are the changes since last time. And this little article from Dana Blankenhorn who proves that he doesn't know how to play Risk doesn't count.

A Weblog: Mark Hamzy, Texas. Apparently plays games with the Rozmiarek's of the Game Ranch. Many pictures, closeup and fuzzy. Also disk golf.

Best of Board Games: A cooperative blog that links to their favorite articles from other blogs and the geek. Replaces the Best of the Blogosphere postings by Alfred.

Board Games with Scott: Scott Nicholson, Syracuse, NY. A video blog demonstrating games.

Bruno Faidutti News: Bruno Faidutti is a premier game designer in France. Great site. His feed gives updates to his site.

Critical A group blog of some sort. Promises new and more frequent content, soon.

Day Gaming: John Gravitt, Texas. Another gamer playing with Rozmiarek.

Duly Exhausted: This is the new name of Anye's blog (formerly Diet Evil, Dancing Eggplant).

The Game Shelf: This is a new URL for Doctor J's blog.

Gaming with Fish: Someone named Fishbulb, from West Virginia. Only posts once a month, so far, but interesting.

Gaming Report: Primarily an RPG/CCG site, with some info on board games, occasionally.

NeverEndingBooks: Lieven le Bruyn, Belgium. A math researcher, starting to do analysis of games. Try his game related feed: .

Spotlight on Games: Rick Heli, San Francisco, CA. A huge site with many reviews and articles. Now a feed.

Taxovich: Taxovich (name?), Salt Lake City, Utah. A student, just starting to blog.

Traditional Game Reviews: Daniel Smatt, Missoula, Montana. A game store owner, posting game reviews. Last one was in November, but here's hoping for more.

Traveling in Multiverse: Ricky, Hong Kong. Another very new blog finding its wings. I'm waiting to see if it will fly.

The Vintage Gamer: Promises to be a podcast about pre-1990 games.


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