Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Great Bits and Gaming Report

Ever since I set up my own Google news searches I hadn't visited the nifty site Great Bits, so I never noticed that it had passed on and merged with Board Game News.

I think that all Ward does is reformat the same information you could get with a Google search, but unless you're a freak like me, it is simpler for most people to just point their browser to Great Bits (now BGN) to find out about mainstream media coverage of board games.

I'm still subscribed to my Google searches; it's fun to see what articles hit by my search do or don't get covered on BGN's media watch.

Also, looking at Tom Vasel's list of links I noticed Gaming Report, a pretty rich site devoted to game news that is mostly RPG related, but also has some board game stuff. A wonder I never noticed it before. I wonder how it compares to RPG Net.


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