Thursday, January 12, 2006

Peter Olotka (Cosmic Encounter) Interview on Braincloud

I'm sure Board Game News will pick this up momentarily, but I have to link, given how much of a fan I am of the board game.

I haven't played online, yet. Mostly this is because I don't have much time for online gaming, other than the pbem variety offered by pr-game and so on. But also because I don't like fancy interfaces.

Maybe I'm also worried about the unique crazy feel of the game being lost online: player negotiation, easy back and forth. Something about the game was meant for intimate friends, rather than strangers. Lastly, I don't know what they did with the rules. I haven't looked, but at the very least I see only four home planets, pods, and other weirdness. And how do they handle house rules?

Probably one day I will spend some time checking it out and love it.


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