Sunday, January 15, 2006

Too Little of Nothing

* I had to buy a new cell phone, an older model. Rather than pay extra to reactivate my old number I slipped in my son's old phone SIM card which he stopped using when he got a new phone a few years ago. His SIM card was set to display "Run for your life" whenever my wife called him.

* I finally found a new job and gave notice at my current job. I'm not entirely sure what I'm doing, since the terms aren't that different, but I hope to be a little happier at the new job. My old job doesn't finish until Feb 11, and the new one doesn't start until Feb 15. Which gives me only three days respite, and one of those is shabbat.

* We're wrapping up the post for the GG:BGIA nominations summary and should be posting that soon.

* Still finding more blogs and posts about board gaming. I'll write them up when I get a chance.

* Split pitas into halves, sprinkle with olive oil and pizza spices. Toast. Parmesan is optional.


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