Friday, January 20, 2006

Games, games, ... urk!

A shipment of games arrived, courtesy of a generous friend of mine who went to the states and dragged them back for me. Some of my friends ordered Cities and Knights, Seafarers, Puerto Rico, Runebound, Louis XIV, and Torres. I ordered Power Grid and Maharaja. Yummy.

Thanks to my favorite online game store, TimeWellSpent. There are a few other game stores that are close to my favorite, and I will check them out before ordering, as well. TWS is usually close to cheapest and has great service.

Having just got embroiled in a small controversy regarding mistakes on other people's websites, I will certainly say nothing about the updating counter on the bottom of Joe Steadman's new war gaming site counting down all of the non-Christians who die every day and who are all going to Hell.

I should probably post another list of new blogs/rss feeds; they keep on coming. Should the next one be another incremental one, or a revised complete edition?

It is great to have Saarya back for the weekend. And Tal.

I wish peace and comfort to everyone, both in this world, and the world to come,


gnome said...

Peace and comfort to you too my friend. And that is quite a shipment you've got there.... Enjoy it. I know I would...

Yehuda said...

Thank you.

gnome said...

welcome :)