Monday, January 02, 2006

News: a new game journal

A new board and computer game journal is trying to get off the ground: Game Journal. Note: this is not a rebirth of The Games Journal. However, I have been made to understand that Greg Aleknevicus, formerly of TGJ, was approached to edit the board games part of the new journal; I'm six-pointy-star-ing my fingers that this happens.

The journal will be covering, quote:
Game Theory
Online Gaming
Board Games
Pen & Paper Games
Console Games

unquote. They are looking for quality submissions, particularly academic game theory stuff, but also practical game reviews, design, strategy, and so on.

That's about all I know. Good luck to them. Time to brush off my academic quills.


Update: Greg comments on this post in the comments, saying he will probably not be getting involved.
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