Monday, January 02, 2006

News: a new game journal

A new board and computer game journal is trying to get off the ground: Game Journal. Note: this is not a rebirth of The Games Journal. However, I have been made to understand that Greg Aleknevicus, formerly of TGJ, was approached to edit the board games part of the new journal; I'm six-pointy-star-ing my fingers that this happens.

The journal will be covering, quote:
Game Theory
Online Gaming
Board Games
Pen & Paper Games
Console Games

unquote. They are looking for quality submissions, particularly academic game theory stuff, but also practical game reviews, design, strategy, and so on.

That's about all I know. Good luck to them. Time to brush off my academic quills.


Update: Greg comments on this post in the comments, saying he will probably not be getting involved.


Greg Aleknevicus said...

Hmmm, this is the first I've heard about this...

(checks e-mail)

Indeed they have (only just now) contacted me but it's a "senior advisor" title they have offered, not an editorship. I suspect that this is largely a ceremonial offering and that they're more interested in the back catalog of The Games Journal (which they requested in their offer).

To be honest, I find that I'm not terribly interested in any sort of volunteer position writing or editing game-related content. Five years of rewarding, but unpaid, effort is enough for me. Unfortunately, there are so exceedingly few paid positions of this sort that I'm not exactly holding my breath waiting for the offers to roll in.

Either way, this new site may be interesting (although I do wish they had chosen a more distinctive name).

Yehuda said...

Greg: Too bad for us if you don't join in. Maybe you can accomplish almost as much with a lot less effort.

Still, they may yet create a great journal.

I mentioned the name issue to the editor.