Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Bored, yet?

How are you holding up? Bored of all the pictures, yet? I have 40 more to go (My trip with Tal). If it makes you any happier, you should know that the ones I'm posting were culled from four times as many.

It was my first time traveling with a digital camera. But if you're all bored of them, I can stop.

Woke up today to find my top ten expensive board games post ripped off. Lots of spam sites automatically copy my posts, and I'm used to that. Usually, they link back to the original post, too.

This person took my post and pictures and rewrote the post, without linking back. He even took the "incorrect" picture of the Go board that I included.

And naturally, again, he gets Dugg more than I did with my post. Digg hates me, for some reason.

Apparently the government of Israel is intending to block off all salacious sites on the internet from everyone who doesn't sign up to the "I want to access adult sites list" within the next year. More here. (source)

The Escapist once again expounds deeply on Euro games and the impact they could/should have on digital games. The latest issue is all about tabletop gaming.

The LA Times tackles serious video games.

LineForHeaven.com is a Web 2.0 social gaming site, where you earn points to get into heaven. No, I'm serious.

1. Create your profile
2. Earn Karma Points
3. Get into "Heaven"

How do you earn Karma?

Earn Karma by:

* Bless - Both you and the Soul blessed earn Karma Points when you Bless. Visit each Soul in Line and give a daily blessing.
* Play the Blessing Game.
* Confess your sins and earn Karma when you are forgiven by your peers.
* Help Spread the Word - Earn Massive Karma Points when you invite your friends.
* Instant Karma! - Donate and earn Karma Points when you help support your favorite Heaven website.
* Coming Soon! Earn Karma when you support a worthy cause




Alfred said...

As one that doesn't get a chance to travel much, my tolerance for travel pictures is pretty high. Keep 'em coming!

Clay B. said...

I'm enjoying the pictures.


Eric Franklin said...

The pictures aren't boring to me, but they DO make me thankful I'm not on a dial-up connection. :)

It'd sure be nice if Blogger supported a "Click Here to read the remainder of this entry" or something similar ...

Anonymous said...

I'm loving the pictures and they're agitating my wanderlust, so keep 'em coming!