Thursday, July 19, 2007

Session Report, in which we play Order of the Stick and other new games

The latest Jerusalem Strategy Gaming Club session report is up here. Games played: Shadows Over Camelot, Order of the Stick, Shear Panic, Bridge, Go, It's Alive, Power Grid, Colosseum.

First play for Order of the Stick, first play for me of Colosseum, first official play for the group for It's Alive.

Game News

You've probably already heard the one about the parents who played video games while their babies near starved to death. *shiver*

Here's a neat comment from within the middle of a thread about Chess and tactics, wherein the commenter explains in clear language the difference between playing a game of Chess and playing Chess.
"And then you did something very interesting. A very unconventional move, but I've seen it used a few times. When I was 13 someone did this to me and it really threw me off my tempo since it was not like any standard opening. I lost that game in 25 moves."

Mark was 35 and he was telling me about a game he played when he was 13. At this point I began to understand that I was out of my league.
Much hubbub about the game inventor of Bulletball whose idea was shot down on American Inventor. The main focus seemed to be the inventor's sob story, rather than the game itself, which looked pretty simple. The inventor does a followup interview wherein he seems a little less broken than he did when he appeared on the show.

Some time ago I reported on the World Bank looking for game designs for a game about street signs. BoardGameNews points us to the winners.

I don't know when this article from Life appeared, where they tell you how to breathe life into your old board games.

Mmm. Almost forgot: Infogrames had the rights to electronic versions of games using the Dungeons and Dragons licenses as well as many of Hasbro's popular board games, such as Monopoly, etc. In a recent deal, Infogrames keeps the D&D rights for the next ten years, and sells the other games back to Hasbro for about $19.5M, $4M of which goes to Atari for some reason. (source, press release)

And today's Adam is a must see for any Eurogamer. Thanks, Saarya.


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