Thursday, July 05, 2007

Catching Up on Game News

A couple of things that crossed my radar over the past three weeks ...

Last words on the debacle of a board game factory that was going to open in Parrsboro, this article hints why it might have failed.

The widely publicized lawsuit against the makers of Trivial Pursuit also failed, to no one's big surprise.

More news on the Monopoly movie (and other possible Hasbro board games which might be coming to the screen), as Ridley Scott is tagged to direct the film, and Scarlett Johansson and Kirsten Dunst may star.

Carcassonne has joined Settlers of Catan on the XBox. Here's one take. Fox News finally hears about Settlers on the XBox.

Speaking of Fox News, they also cover Britain's banning of the video game Manhunt 2.

The Clarion Ledger points to a board game based on the trials of a Katrina survivor.

Timeout magazine discovers Eurogames, as does Minnesota public radio.

Drew Moser, a pastor, does too, and even makes a manifesto about it.

Some instructional videos on how to play Chinese Chess.

And, using games in the marketplace: California Tortilla offered you $1 off if you beat the cashier in a game of Paper, Rock, Scissors.


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