Thursday, July 12, 2007

Catching Up / Yorkshire Pictures

These are the last of my UK pictures. Enjoy.

England 2 140
York Chapel

England 2 144
York bridge

England 2 147
A York native

England 2 143
A brief clear moment on the beach at Scarborough

England 2 164
A stream in Pickering

England 2 165
A garden in Pickering

England 2 167
Ducks in the fishing pond in Pickering, each one having paid 8 Pounds for the privilege

England 2 171
Pickering Castle

England 2 178
A swivel bridge in Whitby. The entire road segment swivels around to let a ship through and then swivels back.

England 2 181
The docks at Whitby

England 2 185
Above the docks of Whitby

England 2 161
It's Alive games in production

England 2 163
Jackson Pope with his two games, Border Reivers and It's Alive


Two further notes:

- Note the muddy brown water. When the water runs over a falls, it looks like beer. I mentioned this to someone in Scotland, and she replied that if it was beer, no one in Scotland would ever get any work done.

- Guides at various castles and other ruins would try to impress me by how old the sites were. "Thayre boot nahn hunerd yeers owld, I figgers," they would say. To which I would reply, "Pshaw. I live in Jerusalem. Don't bother me unless you have something more than 3000 years old."

Gee, I remember when they tried to tell us that 200 years old was ancient at sites in the U.S.

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