Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The Definitive List of Harry Potter Games (2007)

In the spirit of the release of the 5th movie and the 7th book, I decided to survey what's out there in terms of Harry Potter games (not including HP puzzles, toys, costumes, action figures, Lego, online flash trivia games, etc...)

Unfortunately, most of the games, from what I can tell, are not specifically too good. But that isn't going to stop you from buying them, is it?

Board and Card Games

Harry Potter Chamber of Secrets Trivia Game
A trivia game for two teams playing either Griffindor or Slytherin. Snitch question is the only one that counts.

Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire Quidditch Dice Game
From the rules: Roll the dice and place them on the Quidditch Pitch to earn goals and catch the Golden Snitch, or to block your opponent from scoring. The first player to "catch" the Golden Snitch ends the match, and the player with the most Goal Points wins.

Harry Potter Mystery At Hogwarts Game
A variation on the game Clue (Cluedo, for you Brits).

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone - Through the Trapdoor
A simple roll-and-move game. The game looks like a book.

Harry Potter Quidditch Card Game
Each player selects a card on the ball played, high card wins. Kind of a blind bidding game for kids.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone Quidditch Chapter Game
Another game that looks like a book. Roll the die and try to hit your opponents with the Bludger, knocking them off their broom.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone
Contains a series of mini-games. Apparently, the rules are a complete mess.

Harry Potter Sorcerer's Stone Trivia Game
Another roll-and-move trivia game.

Harry Potter Casting Stone Game
Paper, Rock, Scissors, except by rolling dice.

Harry Potter Championship Quidditch Game
An electronic game of shooting quaffles through hoops and so on. Might be a fun dexterity game.

Harry Potter Dicers Game
A collectible dice game. Lots of dice rolling, with some decisions to be made.

Harry Potter Gnome Toss Card Game
I have no idea. Looks rather silly.

Harry Potter: Halls of Hogwarts
A little like Amazing Labyrinth, but with too many random cards.

Harry Potter Hogwarts Dueling Club Game
A rather odd multiplayer game where the cards you collect need to be "decoded" and are worth different values to each player. May have some playability.

Harry Potter MagiCreatures Card Game
Looks a bit like Pit.

Harry Potter Rescue at Hogwarts 3D Game
Race cooperatively against an electronic timer. But the pieces are unstable and may fall over.

Harry Potter Trading Card Game
Looks quite decent, if you're into CCGs. There were four expansions.

Harry Potter Whomping Willow Game
An electronic game where you have to pick things off of the rotating tree branches.

Harry Potter: Adventure through Hogwarts Castle 3D Game
More electronic bells and whistles. Roll and move to explore 11 rooms and plays spells on each other.

Harry Potter Diagon Alley Board Game
A roll and move set collection game that looks particularly annoying, as there are no decisions, and not enough items for each player to win.

Harry Potter: The Triwizard Maze Game
Players navigate through a maze in the grounds of Hogwarts to be the first to capture the Triwizard Cup.

Harry Potter Quidditch The Game
Something like the card game, but includes a board and pieces.

Scene It? Harry Potter DVD Game
HP trivia and the usual Scene-It game. Comes in regular and deluxe editions.

Scene It? Harry Potter 2nd Edition
HP trivia and the usual Scene-It game. Comes in regular and deluxe editions.

Uno: Harry Potter
Uno, with two special cards.

Harry Potter Wizard Chess
The pieces are finely detailed plastic replicas of the figures that Ron and Harry battle with in the movie.

Harry Potter Sorcerer's Stone Electronic Levitating Challenge Board Game
Ball actually floats in mid-air. Race against time. Set up the 10 interchangeable obstacles in over 200 maze combinations.

Video Games

My son played the first and second of these. He reports that they are fun, but, as is typical with these types of games, really puzzles, not games. That means that once you solve the game, there is no further challenge in playing them.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Harry Potter: Quidditch World Cup

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

In the Lego Creator games, you create scenes and then they animate.

LEGO Creator: Harry Potter

LEGO Creator: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Other Games

An interactive Harry Potter browser based role-playing game, also known as an RPG, a MUD, a MUSH, or a MMORPG.



Adelaide Gamer said...

My missus is collecting the chess set by mail order. It is pretty nice looking set, with lots of little gimmicks on the pieces (eg. Queen glows red, pawns 'explode' etc). My only complaint is that the board is made of a card that warps pretty easily.

Be that as it may, it has convinced our grandson to learn about chess at age five, so he can play with the pieces which have fascinated him! Gotta be a good thing.

Adelaide Gamer said...

There's at least one other potter game out there, Yehuda. It's a one deck 'Quidditch' card game - no dice. I recall playing it with daughter about three years ago. Fairly good and simple, with enough 'tricks' in it to make for replayability by adults. I'll hunt around in her box of memories, see if I can find the details for you.

Yehuda Berlinger said...

Pleader: Are you referring to "Harry Potter Quidditch Card Game" which I listed?

It has Slytherin and Griffindor decks, and a third deck used to flip cards to battle over. No dice.


Adelaide Gamer said...

The game you show in post doesn't match my recollection at all. Must say, might be it but packaged differently?

Anonymous said...

there is also another game still, its the same as the "through the trapdoor" book game but it is purple where this one is green, and is of harry and hagrid moving through diagon alley diagon alley. the object is to pass the shops, all which contain 2 coins, the first player to collect one coin from each shop wins.

Jason Chambers said...

Seems like a good list. I am trying to get a complete set and the only other game I have found is Destination Hogwarts. It is a taxi cab game, probably trades the knight bus for a cab in this version. I haven't found anywhere to get a copy. If anyone knows where please let me know.

Anonymous said...

There are three different Mattel Harry Potter Chapter games in all - the one you list (Through the Trp Door) is in a green plastic box; Diagon Alley is in a purple box, and Quidditch is in a red box.

In case anyone is wondering, the Destination Hogwarts game was only sold in the UK, and I hear the company went bankrupt after they changed the movie release date for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (all of the Christmas orders were cancelled and they were stuck with inventory and bills). I managed to get one through Amazon UK (most other UK online stores will not ship to the U.S.). It is pricey, and a mildly interesting game if you are into HP.

Anonymous said...

Actually, there are at least five chapter games: thru the trapdoor, heir of slytherin, diagon alley, quidditch and aragog.

anupom said...


Board Game Beaver said...

Nice list!

We've done our own list over at Board Game Beaver based on what's currently available and with some of the newer releases. Would be great if you could check it out!

<a href=">Best Harry Potter Board Games</a>

Peter said...

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle is probably the best game that have been made about the series.