Thursday, July 12, 2007

Catching Up / London Photos

England 2 040
Observe the emergency exit sign and handle on the back of this bus, print facing outside. Note that this handle and sign are on the back window of the upper deck of a double decker bus. As in, around fifteen feet off the ground, with no visible means of access.

England 2 039
Tal on Golders Green Road

England 2 041
Statue outside Buckingham Palace

England 2 068
Queen Elizabeth Victoria on said statue

England 2 049
Buckingham palace. Not much of a palace, really. Looks more like a big house.

England 2 053
"Guard" pretending to be a clockwork man in front of Buckingham Palace. One wonders if they actually guard anything. Lots of people went into and out of the palace past him without any sort of challenge.

England 2 063
Changing the guard at Buckingham Palace. Guard wearing a dead bear.

England 2 073
Skateboarding place outside the National Theater on the banks of the Thames

England 2 077
Outside of the (recreated) Globe Shakespeare Theater

England 2 078
Modern art

England 2 079
More modern art. I call it "Suppressed Anger in Blue".

England 2 076
Tal on ferry on the Thames

England 2 095
Raincoat and sunglasses. It rained even when it was sunny.

England 2 087
London Tower Bridge is opening up

England 2 098
Sun on the Thames

England 2 101
Houses of Parliament, etc...

England 2 103
Big Ben. After statues, the English seemed to have a fascination with clocks.

England 2 112
Like this one

England 2 114
Back to statues. Anyone know where this is from?

England 2 116
Strange sign on the outside of a door. It seems to me that if you come out of a fire exit, you're probably smoking, if not completely on fire. That's the point, isn't it?

England 2 122
Tal in Kensington Park

England 2 126
At the lake in Kensington Park

England 2 130
Letters and flowers for Diana on her 46th birthday on the gates of Kensington Castle

England 2 132
Looking back after having been kicked out of King's Cross Station



Friendless said...

That Queen is Victoria. As for Tal, I'll have to take your word for it.

Yehuda said...

Oops. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

...and the bridge is Tower Bridge, not London Bridge (a common mistake).

Yehuda said...

Grumble. Thanks, Anon.

Anyone else? This is Paris instead of London, perhaps?


Katy Newton said...

Observe the emergency exit sign and handle on the back of this bus, print facing outside.

So that if an accident results in the bus overturning, people outside the bus will be able to open the top deck and help people out. It does make sense really. (Double deckers are being phased out anyway.)

Interesting read, though. I suppose England might seem a bit provincial. Being Jewish isn't really much fun here, but in a "stupid questions" way rather than a "being dragged off and secretly killed" way, thank goodness...

Yehuda said...

Katy: Thanks. Someone else pointed that out to me over shabbat, too. I should have thought of that!