Thursday, July 26, 2007

The Difference Between a Hebrew and an English Invitation

The majority of the invitations that I receive to Bar/Bat Mitzvahs and Weddings come in both Hebrew and English.

What's interesting about these invitations is that there is often little correlation between the English and Hebrew wording, other than a last name, maybe a date, and the general gist of things.

Here's an invitation I received yesterday, in English and translated Hebrew. This is entirely typical, reserved even.

We are pleased to invite you to the wedding of
Joe Shmoe and Jane
Sunday, Aug XX, 2007
Such and Such Hall, Town
Reception 18:00
Ceremony 18:45 (before sunset)
Ms Single Parent
Mr and Mrs Other Parents
RSVP by Aug YY, 2007 to

Hebrew (translated)
With the help of the Heavens
Thanks be to God with all of our hearts for great kindness, bounty, and blessings,
Song and the voices of praise
We are greatly pleased to invite you to participate in the rebuilding of our people and the Holy city of Jerusalem
In the canopy and holy ceremony of marriage of our dear children
Yosef Mosef (son of Reuven Shimon, may his memory be blessed) and Yael Zvi
That will take place, with the help of the blessed God
On NN of Elul 5767 (Aug XX, 2007)
In the hall "Such and Such Hall", Town
The reception of faces will be at the hour 18:00
The canopy at the hour 18:45 (before the sun has set)
Come in happiness and joy
Ms Single Parent (Grandparents 1 & 2, Grandparent 3)
Mr and Mrs Other Parents (Grandparent 4)
Please confirm your participation until MM (comfort us) Av (Aug YY, 2007) to


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