Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Gamers Gone Wild on Local TV

The gaming convention Gamers Gone Wild was briefly covered by a local news channel. The comments at the end by the newscasters are classic.

Google is tentatively looking into Ad-Sense for online games. Makes sense. Integrating the ads into the Flash will result in a much higher click-through.

Scott Nicholson apparently gave a well researched talk on gaming in libraries. Lots of interesting details about forming game groups in public places and the results of doing so.

There's a new blog carnival for game designers. And another carnival called game carnival. Unlike previous carnivals, these both specify that board gamers are welcome.

(Meanwhile, there's also a new blog carnival about modesty.)

Capforge points us to this story in Entrepreneur magazine about Don McNeill who has made over $5 million from his board game You've Been Sentenced.

The Bicycles, a pop group, are launching a DVD board game about themselves.

Following his invincible Checkers program, Jonathan Schaeffer is working on creating an invincible poker program.

Lucknow Newsline in India tells its readers to get back to board gaming.


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