Monday, July 09, 2007

My SiegeStone Game is Finally Online

About a year and a half ago I submitted an entry to a SiegeStones design contest. My entry didn't win, but Patrick promised to put it online "soon". Well, it's finally up here, along with a bunch of other entries.

My game is a little like Reiner Knizia's Kingdoms, except you can move your towers, scoring is in six directions, stones have different values to each player, and there's an end scoring.

I only play-tested it once, since I didn't have much time before the entry deadline, so it may need some tuning. Give it a try, though.

It's Alive

I gave Nadine one of my two copies of It's Alive on shabbat and we sat down to play it with her kids and two friends of theirs (all teens or in the army). We played the advanced game, which I lost. One of the kids requested to play it again, which we did, and I lost again (he won).

For the first half of the first game, every time we flipped over a tile, one or more of the players would go "ewwww!" owing to the macabre pictures on the tiles. And these people are in the army. The art's great, but it does tend to gross out.

But they liked the game.


Speaking of game design, here's an article about a mainstream game designer.

Pat Kane tells us about Eric Zimmerman of the GameLab receiving over a million dollars to teach gaming and design in a new school in New York.

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