Saturday, July 14, 2007

June Board and Card Game Patents

Board game assembly - A design patent for a board consisting of a square of 3x3 boards that holds marbles.

Riposte sword-fighting card game
- Play cards with different values indicating attack type and defense type. By Scott Hungerford.

Knowledge-based casino game and method therefor - This patent compares the idea of casino games, where the idea is for the house to make money, against trivia game-shows, where the idea is for the house to give away money. It tries to present a trivia based casino game.

Family vacation game - A choice-free roll and move game designed to teach children about how much a vacation costs. It goes on and on for pages explaining how beneficial board games are to teaching children real values.

Football board game - A Fantasy Football game tracking play across a season.

Apparatus and method of playing cribbage as a casino game and as a slot machine - A casino game that vaguely resembles the initial card deal of a cribbage game.

Blackjack with a hedge bet - The player wins the hedge bet if the dealer has 19-21.

Game board and game thereof - I think the abstract clearly explains the patent:
A game board for playing a game thereon using a magnet sensitive game piece. The game board includes a substantially flexible and substantially non-magnetic first sheet of material defining a first sheet first surface and a substantially opposed first sheet second surface. The substantially flexible and substantially permanently magnetized second sheet of material defines a second sheet first surface and a substantially opposed second sheet second surface. The first sheet second surface is secured to the second sheet first surface so as to substantially prevent a relative displacement therebetween. The game board is selectively rollable and unrollable respectively between the substantially cylindrical rolled configuration that is substantially flat unrolled configuration. When the game board is in the unrolled configuration, the first sheet first surface is usable as a playing surface for receiving the game piece thereon. The latter is releasably secured to the game board by the magnetic force generated by second sheet of material. When the game board is in the rolled configuration, the game board is relatively compact for facilitating transportation thereof.
'Nuff said.

Tower board game - Vertical board symbolizing advancing the corporate ladder. The game is called Bankers and Brokers.



Alfred said...

That first patent there, for the "Board Game Assembly," is for the game Pentago:

It's a decent enough game.

Yehuda Berlinger said...

Thanks, Alfred. I thought it looked vaguely familiar.