Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Alone Again, Artificially

Rachel went back to Toronto last night. She'll be back in Israel for Passover. I'll be visiting her in Toronto for the last two weeks of February, give or take. Sigh.

We played two games of Puerto Ric before she left. I used my classic set of buildings. I won both games, much to Rachel's disgust.

The first I won with massive corn shipping together with a Commodity Exporters. Victory points ran out like the dickens. The second game I won by stopping the boats and a coffee monopoly with Factory, building three big buildings by the game's end to her none.

Game News

The game If You Had to Choose is allegedly helping these people at a homeless shelter make better choices.

Future Focus, a board game about Diabetes.

The latest "video game turned into a board game": Guitar Hero.

Sign On San Diego covers a game store with Euro games.

Post Crescent also recommends board games for families and suggests both old and new ones.

Zen Personal Finance reviews the new Game of Life and finds that, amazingly, they've managed to make one of the worst games in the world even worse.

Another entry in the overpriced financial board game market (quote more than just a board game unquote): Millionaire Maker Game (only $75).

40 Harrison soldiers returning from Iraq were given gift bags, and those "soldiers who are considered a center of influence with young people will be given a Future Soldier Footlocker Kit that includes the Daring Eagle board game, Mission Command card game, and Army National Guard trading cards."

People are cheating at online Scrabble. Whodathunk?

A reader tip on the new electronic face of Dungeons and Dragons.

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