Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Kotaku on Board Games, Again

I count my victories with each top video game blog that gives a nod to board games. Joystiq does it on a regular basis now with Scott Jon Siegel's Off the Grid column. Now Kotaku mentions board games twice in three days running.

First, Logan Booker on Kotaku's Australian site mentioned how he's into Arkham Horror after several years of Settlers of Catan. I sent him a few emails with other suggestions.

Then on Sunday, Flynn Demarco on Kotaku's American site ran a mysterious article covering Metro Detroit Gamers' work in bringing board game nights into local lobraries (sourced article here).

Hmmmm. My sinister plans for taking over the world seems to be working.

Of course, the number of people who play board and card games is likely still ten times or more the number who play video games, but who's counting?

Game News

Nexus, the operators of the subway system around Newcastle and Gateshead in Northern England, have created a portable room sized "board game" that teaches the dangers one may encounter in the subway system.

The game "... focuses attention on consequences of stone throwing, graffiti, fare evasion, and anti-social behaviour on trains." According to the director of rail infrastructure at Nexus, "Not only do the overhead lines carry 1,500 volts of electricity but the trains can travel at speeds of up to 50mph and people don't appreciate how difficult it can be to get out of the way."

The players stand on the game as representatives of their own pieces, and, if I understand correctly, simulate throwing rocks, spraying graffiti, evading fares, and exhibiting anti-social behavior while being shocked to death and getting crushed by massive barreling trains. Sounds like fun, and educational, too.


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Chris said...

Today, Kotaku, tomorrow - the world! :)