Thursday, January 31, 2008

January Gaming at the JSGC

Here's what we played this month at the Jerusalem Strategy Gaming Club:

Blue Moon - An interesting Knizia card game. I'm generally not impressed with Knizia's overly straightforward numerical card games, and this one seems similar to the rest of them. But it also seems to have a bit more than the others, aside from too many bits and sexist illustrations: namely, some more interesting card play.

Bridge - The Card Game, and still going strong.

Down Under - An interesting tile laying slip of a game. I've enjoyed it with 2 to 4 players, but my group is somewhat less enthusiastic, probably having burnt out on tile games with Carcassonne.

El Grande - One of the classic, a great area control game.

Havoc: the Hundred Years War x 2 - OOP too soon, it's a light card game which is good for non-gamers. A bit too light for serious gamers, perhaps.

It's Alive - My game, and a great light auction game, IMHO. The group likes it.

Lost Valley - We started off liking it, and now think it's got great gaping holes in the abusable mechanics. Must figure out what to do with it.

Magic: The Gathering - The classic CCG, is cheap and easy if you forget about ever competing with pre-built decks.

Mr. Jack - A very intriguing game for two players of convoluted logic. Can hinge on some luck, but usually falls prey to someone making a mistake.

Notre Dame x 2 - A new classic (if there can be such a thing). An excellent new Alea game of actions and resource management.

Odin's Ravens - A two player card game of some interest. Light.

Pirate's Cove - A very nice game with dice and cards. The cards appear to introduce more luck problems than the dice. It's a very good game otherwise.

Power Grid - The group's most played game. Math has never been so fun and intriguing.

Robo Rally x 2 - Another new group favorite, it's chaotic and fun, but still a brain burner. Just be careful not to set too long a course.

Settlers of Catan - The introductory game of choice for new players. Still holding strong for over a decade.

Vegas Showdown - An absolute steal from Amazon at $10; I think the sale is over, but you can still get cheap copies. It's actually a great medium weight game of auctions and planning. Quite fun.


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Mischa said...

Unless I miss my guess, that's my copy of WotC RoboRally from the 2007 BGG.Com Math Trade. I'm Famous on the Internets!

Robo Rally is a great game demonstrating the difference between randomness, chaos, and player interaction. If yall haven't checked it out, I encourage you to get Dragon Delta to the table. It tunes down the chaos somewhat while tuning up the strategy.

I'm super glad the group is enjoying it!