Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Linkety Link

Hasbro keeps alive the non-news about Monopoly by asking for votes on a new World Here and Now edition. Last year's country-specific Here and Now edition votes were marked with vote rigging, apathy, and the occasional minor mention in a local newspaper during slow news weeks. I'm not expecting much more for this one.

The Standford Daily uses Apples to Apples as a metaphorical tool to comment on local conditions. This brings A2A into the somewhat exclusive league of "games uses as metaphors" which until now included Chess, Go, Monopoly, Snakes and Ladders, and only a few others.

MSNBC has a neat article on parents playing with kids.

The Sun Journal (Maine) on The Dragon's Lair, a new game store in Norway, Maine, and its owner, Karl Otterson.

Seattle PI reviews the new play: "Monopoly!"

Deputy Dog lists controversial and propaganda board games. Mixing the two doesn't really make sense, but there you go.

The Houston Chronicle disses DVD games.

The Queens University Journal on better board games.

Requested links

A whole bunch of sites have asked me for links lately, so here you are. These are all game related; non-game related sites need to give me a good reason.

The game You've Been Sentenced.

The video game Amaze at ITF games. They've offered me an evaluation copy to download and review, which I haven't gotten around to, yet.

doof.com, online multi-player games.

OffGamers, a place to buy WoW stuff.

MLG Pro, covering sports video games, and their new uploadable video site.

Griddly Games, offering sports board games.


Archangel said...

Looks like I got the boot (sob,sniff..)

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Sorry, Ark. My blogroll is for current and regular posters. I'd welcome you back if you began posting (about games) again.