Friday, January 25, 2008

Session Report, in which we play Notre Dame for the first time

The latest Jerusalem Strategy Gaming Club session report is up. Games played: Notre Dame, It's Alive.

Our first group play of Notre Dame. We all liked it.

Bernie DeKoven did his gig in Tel Aviv at the Educational Centre for Games in Israel.

The next major board game controversy in the works: This guy's made a trivia / board game about serial killers.
Based on Monopoly by way of Trivial Pursuit, Hobson's game rewards those who know their John Wayne Gacy from their Bundy. The well-informed land on an unnamed victim's house and deliver a body to the dump. The person with the highest body count wins, but to get there, knowledge is not enough. The game is seeded with what Hobson calls "entangling situations," such as random discovery or chance intervention by law enforcement. Still, justice rarely prevails.
The names of the serial killers are all immortalized, while the name's of the victims are deemed unimportant. Way to go, guy, whose day job is illustrating children's books. Expect lots of news coverage in about six months.


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