Thursday, January 24, 2008

Balancing Forks

Congratulations to my friend Shlomo and his new wife Stefanie who were married yesterday. Shlomo is a dear old friend who comes to game group whenever he visits Israel (not this time, however). You can see pictures of the wedding here.

I mostly spent my time at the wedding dancing, but I did manage to accomplish the following, too: Four forks in balance

You can also do four this way:

And even six (or more):

Game News

Georgia Boardgamer has a nice article on video games vs board games.

Fair Play is a themed board game about the cotton industry that seeks to raise awareness of the fair trade social movement.

Techcrunch speculates that Scrabulous is looking to sell itself to Electronic Arts at the last minute. EA currently has the license for online Hasbro games such as Scrabble.

The Hub, part of the Lansing State Journal, pimps board games. Some of those polled come up with a few good ones.

In other news, Hugh MacLeod of Gaping Void does a podcast interview with the Rabbi turned founder of thriving internet diamond business .

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