Friday, January 04, 2008

Project Wonderful ads on my site

I've replaced some of my ads with Project Wonderful, an interesting ad system that lets people bid up the price of the ads and pay for as long or short a time as they like. I saw it used on Devil's Panties.

The downside is that the ads are not specifically game-related right now. The upside is that some of the bidders are funny webcomics I didn't know about which I've now added to my blogroll (Buttersafe has the banner ad as I type this).



Tim - A GameBuff said...

I've been reading alot of articles about the different ways to use adds on sites. Like bid type adds, targeted audience text and picture adds, polls, etc. I hope these go well for you. I've been clicking :) This last one was A Slice of Life cartoon. I look forward to hearing how they end up working for you.

I don't mind a few, unabtrusive, adds on people's websites and blogs. I'd rather see a couple adds on a site and keep quality blogs and websites stay around.

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Anonymous said...

You could almost think of it as a giant game, played (by me) mostly for fun and learning since the one cent per day I'm currently earning for the tower ad above the fold on my blog doesn't pay for the time I spent setting it up over my lifetime :-).