Saturday, January 12, 2008

Board Game Blog World Roundup

Since my last update, Fortress: Ameritrash and Gone Gaming have bit the dust.

In addition, some blogs (Musings, Rambling, and Things Left Unsaid, Naturelich, etc...) have simply not updated for a too long; reluctantly, I have removed these from my blogroll as well.

A few others have changed their feeds; I don't find out about this until I do one of these reviews. As I say every update: if you're changing your feed, please tell us BEFORE you do it, or we'll never find out.

These are new (or new to me) blogs since my last update:

Board Game Gurus - I have no idea who these guys are, except that they call themselves Ideastone. They haven't published much since startup, anyway, so may not be on my blogroll for long.

Boardgaming Finland - Antti Koskinen, Finland.

gameplaywright - Jeff Tidball and Will Hindmarch. A blog about games and stories.

Games Club of MD - Western Locations - Karl Musser, David and Noreen Fair, Dave Fair and Bob Jones, and Scott Fisher, the hosts of four separate, but related, "chapters" of the Games Club of Maryland.

Ludic Infinity - J M PLummer, Charlotte, NC. He posts puzzles, too.

Luis' Illustrated Blog - Luis Escobar, California. Also writes about his work on the Simpsons.

New Rule - David McDononough, Savannah, GA. On game design.

Sword in the Stone - A KY game store doing reviews and so forth.

The Aldie Show - Scott Alden, Dallas, TX. Apparently the continuation of BoardGameSpeak, which ended when Derk Solo moved to NY.



Tim - A GameBuff said...

Some nice blogs on this list. Now my feed reader can get even larger :)

Still that Buffalo GameBuffs guy

Yehuda Berlinger said...

Don't forget to check my sidebar for the complete list of current recommended blogs and sites.


MadPuzzler said...


As a regular reader of your blog, it's an honor to join your blogroll. Man, I feel the pressure already. ;)

Ludic Infinity

Dani In NC said...

From the other side of the world, you managed to direct me to a game blogger in my backyard. Ain't the internet grand?