Saturday, January 12, 2008

Hasbro Flexes it's Muscle with Scrabulous

We knew it was coming. Hasbro has ordered the creators of the popular Facebook application Scrabulous to cease and desist.

Like in so many similar instances, the events unfold as follows:

1. Big Company doesn't give the people what they want; namely, a Facebook application version of their game.

Knowing a company like Hasbro, this is probably because the idea has been under discussion for a year while they look into the millions of dollars the idea would require, the vast majority of which would be spent on security, DRM, locks, logins, pay schemes and other features to make the idea as difficult as possible to the people who actually want to use it.

2. Enterprising Young Dudes whip one up without too much trouble in a day or so.

3. It explodes into popularity.

4. Big Company sues Young Dudes. Allegedly for doing so without their permission and for providing a service which BC is unwilling or unable to provide. Or in the name of protecting the company. But really, BC is doing this in order to buy out YDs, or because it's finally ready to launch its own application and doesn't want the competition.

We've seen this story before.

PhotoshopTalent is running a contest which claims to be a "board game design" contest, but which is obviously simply a "funny board game like picture" contest.

The Ithaca Journal gets nostalgic over evening card games from times of yore.

The Leaf Chronicle (TN) finds local places that gamers go.

Another violent outburst and robbery at a card game (Racine). But, hey, if you're going to get all primal at a card game, don't do it a week from the date of your parole. (Sheboygan)

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