Friday, September 09, 2005

Game Blog Wrap Up by MR&TLU

Alfred, of Musings, Ramblings, and Things Left Unsaid, intends to start a weekly wrap up of good game blog posts. Apparently this follows some comment on The Dice Tower, although it also follows the discussion I started here.

OK ....

I once tried something like this on rec.arts.poetry until the residents complained that my pointing out poems that I liked during the week was arbitrary, elitist, unfair, constituted copyright violation, was "publishing", and a host of other complaints.

I wish him (Alfred) well. There should definitely be a new blog doing this, and it should cover a wide variety of blogs and the collection should add something.

If our game blog world grows large enough, there may be a variety of "blog summary" blogs, each with a different attitude and angle, until the day comes that we need a "blog summary blog summary" blog. Etc. And so the web evolves.


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