Thursday, September 01, 2005

Templates and Other Stories

New template. I have come to the conclusion that a great blog need a great template, and, by definition, great templates don't come from Blogger's selection of default templates.

I have a template on my web site; it's not great, but at least it's original. I tried to copy it here and that resulted in a mess. So here we are back to a default template again (this will make no sense if you are reading this in the future, as the template will undoubtedly have changed again).

My next Ethics in Gaming article (4.0) is up on The Games Journal. Feedback is always welcome.

One thing I'm having fun with on the Gone Gaming website is changing the byline every few days. I'm not the only one doing it, but I've done most of them. A little safe place to graffiti over the web without getting in too much trouble. Although, I was castigated once for basing a byline on Martin Luther King Jr's famous "Free at Last" speech. It wasn't disrespectful or anything. Anyhoo, I keep a file with all of the old bylines.

With Nadine (friend) and Rachel (wife) back in their nests, I hope to play more games over shabbat. Rachel's game of the year was Puerto Rico, and I think I might be able to get her to switch to St Petersburg. I have a feeling that there is more to the game than the naysayers would have you believe.

Rachel only likes one game at a time for a long time. After a year of PR, I tried her on Goa, but since I didn't care for it too much it wasn't going to happen. She also enjoys my PR building; in fact, I can't remember the last time we played without at least some of them. Previous games in reverse order were: Carcassonne: Hunters and Gatherers, Cities and Knights of Catan, Settlers of Catan, Cosmic Encounter, Bridge, Scrabble (this was the first game we played together). Game I have tried to introduce her to without success include: Goa, San Juan, Tigris and Euphrates, Through the Desert, Torres, Prince of Florence, El Grande, and Acquire.

Now that school has started, I have less time to write. I have the rest of my Sarah story plotted out but I need more time, dammit! I canna work miracles! Sigh.


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