Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Immersed in Gaming

It doesn't have to be games. It could be guitar. It could be flower arranging. It could be Greek.

I love the feeling of being immersed in a hobby. I love being knowledgeable about the hobby, skilled at executing it, getting other people involved, creating a group, bringing pleasure to others, being part of a global niche.

Today, I coordinated with gamers in Toronto and Dallas to play games. It looks good, assuming jet lag doesn't overwhelm me. I fly infrequently, so I love flying, which means I don't sleep well on planes.

I am discussing printing my game with various sources.

Two possible new members for the games group, and I'm now thinking about game day in October, too.

I'm working on game design #2.

A former member of my club just dropped by today with a game he didn't need anymore: The Arab - Israeli Wars. I'm not likely to play it, but, gee, that was so sweet!

I am selecting games to trade at the con, and some people in the group might contribute to get a few more games, too. (Always happy to accept donations!)

Wow. I don't have enough time to be my usual miserable self. Sucks, don't it! :-)


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