Monday, September 05, 2005

Maybe Maybe

Chances of going to BGG.con are rising, and are now hovering at 50%. I am lying to myself and saying that this is a business move, presenting my game, spreading the word, meeting people and making contacts. If I were really honest about it, I would pick a business-oriented gaming conference, so ... don't let me know that.

There's still the money. And I am waiting to hear if the first people outside of my group and family like the game enough to encourage me to publish it.

Then there are the questions:

- Lining up meetups at the con. With whom and what to play.

- Spend an extra week in Dallas, Toronto, or New York for more gaming? Which is best?

Depending on that answer to the last, I then get to line up all of the culture and amusements that I never get to do in Israel, like concerts, poetry, plays, used book shopping, etc...

If I'm definitely going, you'll be the first to know.


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