Monday, September 12, 2005

Name Change

For a while I have been thinking that it is time to move this blog over to my own name. The JSGC is a game group, which has it's own web site. This is really my blog. Maybe I thought when I first started it that others from my group would post here as well, but that's not the way it worked out.

So here we are: Yehuda.

Truth be told, most people who are not Israeli call me Jonathan, which is my given English name, and the name on my passport. But the gaming world has a lot more Jonathan's than Yehuda's I'm guessing. And Yehuda is the name on all of my articles on BGG and elsewhere. Feel free to call me either.

My wife calls me "Jon". My natural kids call me "Abba", and my step-kids call me "Jon". Two friends in my life called me "Jonny" (I kind of liked that one). My brothers used to call me "Twit". My father occasionally says "Son".

Add to that:

"Ma'am" (I don't have a particularly masculine voice)
"Mr Berlinger"
"Mar Berlinger"
"Mr Adelman" (my wife's last name)
"Rabbi Berlinger" (I'm not)
"Yehuda ben Menachem" (Yehuda son of Menachem, for torah reading)
"Yehuda ben Sarah Rivkah" (Yehuda son of Sarah Rivkah, for health prayers) "Yehonatan" or "Yonatan" (people who translate my English name to Hebrew, even though I have a different Hebrew name)
"Judah" (the reverse)
"Jaques" (my French teacher)
a number of unprintable names from aggressive people I meet in life
"John" (from people who assume that my name must follow a Christian spelling)
"Shade", "Shadey, "Shade_Jon", "ShadeJon" (from my email addresses)

and so on. What's in a name, anyway?

Which reminds me, I hope to have the next chapter of Sarah ready by next week. This is going slower than I had hoped. I had lots of time in the evenings when most of my family was away, but now I can't seem to find much of it unless I stay awake longer than is good for me.

I still have no idea who reads this, except for the few other bloggers out there who have linked to me. To both of you :-), thanks for reading, and may we continue to have enough luxury in our lives to enjoy the pleasure of games.


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