Sunday, September 18, 2005


Destiny was raiding my refrigerator
When I fell out of bed this morning and
Into the kitchen
Half-asleep, having been kept awake all night
Swatting mosquitoes.

"Get out of there!" I yelled,
Ineffectually. "Stop trying to run
My life!" he yelled back,
Slamming the refrigerator door and
Grabbing his backpack. As he stormed out the back door,
His black army boots thundering on my linoleum,
He left muddy footprints,
Leading nowhere.

"You never pay attention to me!" Who else
was yelling at this godawful hour?
I wondered. I looked up.
There was Time, standing in my living room,
"Leave me alone, I need my coffee, I can't
deal with you this early, I have to sit down."
I stumbled to the kitchen counter, trying to
Remember where I had left my wallet.
"I hate you!" he shouted,
Flying out the window
As he is wont to do,
I remembered, too late.

And then I noticed
His hands at the throat of my choking child,
Icy fingers coiled around blue skin.
"This isn't funny, anymore," I said.
He answered, "Whoever said it was?"


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