Thursday, September 15, 2005

In the Words of Derk ...

Yeah Baby!

I have bought a ticket, and I am going to BGG.con, barring any unforseen disasters. Woo Hoo!

Freakin' unbelievable. Mostly because I can't really afford it. I'm hoping I will make some good game contacts and pick up a slew of new games.

I am hoping to bring along copies of my game to give out (maybe I'll charge for costs). Anyone want me to bring sets of my Puerto Rico buildings? I will also be bringing games to trade at the con.

Are you going to be there? Let's game.

I will be staying with friends on Willow Lane, about a seven mile drive due north from the con. I won't be able to eat with anyone unless we make arrangements to eat kosher - there are a few places in Dallas. Mostly I will be bringing my own food.

Also, I won't be at the con Friday evening until Sat night. If anyone wants to come by on Sat afternoon at the place I'll be staying, drop me a line. My friend also plays.

I will be in Dallas for a week, and then New York for a week. If you want to meetup in New York, Queens, or northern NJ, drop me a line.

See you there!



sodaklady said...

Congratulations, Yehuda. I won't be there but I'm really glad to hear you've managed to go. Good Luck to you in your endeavors to get your game noticed.

Iain said...

If you are selling copies of your Puerto Rico buildings, I'll buy one mail-order.