Sunday, September 04, 2005

Weekend Gaming

Friend of my son's:

Dvonn - too cerebral for him.

My Game Prototype #1 - he loved it, wants to buy it.

My wife:

Saint Petersburg - First game for her. I gave her fair warning about a) money, and b) aristocrats, but I slaughtered her with aristocrats. I can't seem to find any way to describe the game other than as a mid-way game between San Juan and Puerto Rico. In fact, I think the game would be improved by taking the phases in San Juan Puerto Rico style. Must try it.

Anyway, the intent of this game was to try yet again to hook her on a new game other than PR. I'm happy to say that she is willing to try again. I hope to boost that when Nadine comes over, as Rachel likes to play with Nadine. Saarya also likes it. Lots of warm fuzzy feelings, so far.

Let's see how long a shelf life it has. I'm already looking forward to an expansion.


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