Monday, September 12, 2005

Wither Art Thou, Toronto?

For my hopeful, maybe trip to BGG.con, I am working hard at three things:

1) Finding a game group in Toronto on Thursday evening, Oct 27. You would think this would be easy, wouldn't you? I've posted to BGG Forums/Ontario, I'm waiting for my subscription to the TABS to be approved, I've looked at the other Toronto websites and I've messaged a few Torontonians on BGG. No luck, so far.

2) Getting mockups of my working game prototype. In addition to a certain publisher agreeing to playtest it, I am thinking of creating fifty or so copies of my own to sell/hand out. One of my friends wants to invest in the production.

3) Working on at least one other game design to be ready for the con. I have some three quarter baked ideas that need some playtesting to see if they work well.

Otherwise ... I believe I'm all set. I just won't believe it until the ticket is in my hands.


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